Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Imaginary Universe Exploration Expedition

I'd like to revisit this post for 4 reasons: 
  1. It was one of the most satisfying projects I have ever completed.
  2. It was one of the most strenuous projects I have ever completed.
  3. I never explained the reasons behind it or where I got the idea to do a paper collage.
  4. I REALLY like it. 

So this was for one of my Art 4 projects my senior year of high school. I basically took two 6x8 wooden boxes (2in deep) and glued paper onto them. This was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Brittney Lee, who does the most amazing paper collage/sculptures. I think she creates the image in Photoshop, prints out the layers individually, and then assembles them as a 3D-ish paper collage. I haven't yet acquired sufficient Photoshop skills to do that, and I'm not sure what she uses in place of a wooden box, but I saw this and decided to give it a try. There were supposed to be two more boxes stacked on top of these, but I didn't have time to finish. See the tree in the middle that's created by the two different trees from each box? The final project would have created an entire tree made out of the four wooden boxes.  

Just some Regency era girls, wearing pretty dresses and reading books. Basically two of my favorite things to do. The swirly things coming out of the books represent their imaginations and all the wonderful adventures contained in the books their reading. My art teacher saw me working on the trees and promptly enlisted me to make the decorations for my senior prom, which was fairy tale themed. 
Here's a closeup: 

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