Thursday, October 20, 2011

Yet another post of random math class drawings...

Laurey, from Oklahoma!. I liked seeing Laurey in overalls in one production of the musical, and I originally planned on drawing her in overalls, but they became too complicated without a reference. Not many people wearing overalls in my math class.

I originally imagined this girl as the princess from the Princess and the Pea, but I thought more about the story and came up with another girl, who will probably be in my next post.

Just a cowboy. He looks like a bad guy to me.

And this is Curly, also from Oklahoma!. 

A girl.

I read and loved the Hindu story Savitri and Satyavan, and I thought it would make a great Disney movie. So here's one of my sketches of Savitri. 


  1. ...You totally blow me away. Amazing. I love these!

  2. No, Cait. You are mistaken; YOU blow ME away.