Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Please Note the Following...

First, I got a moleskine sketchbook for Christmas.

Second, the turquoise area marks the lesser scribbles. 

These are some pirate girl sketches. I'm working with the A-Train to improve my drawing/character design skills.  As a project, he's helping me develop pirate girl. These, however, are not part of the homework he most recently assigned, but you have to do something worthwhile during math class. 

Third, there is at least one character from Community on this page. Heh. I started this page about a month ago as a way to practice drawing guy faces/profiles, since I was really only good at drawing girl faces prior to this decision. I still go back to it every now and then and add a face. 

It has gotten a little crowded...hence the all-devouring afro, top center. In all fairness, that guy's  lame hairstyle had it coming.
Aaaand this is where my motivation to scan things runs out.


  1. I like that you gave the pirate girl an awesome hat. Very cool. You know who'd make a good sidekick for your pirate girl? FLUTE NINJA.

    ...just sayin'. :P

    <3 torilicious

  2. I'm filled with adoration at these sketches. You knew I was a fan of the Pirate Girl.

  3. Thanks, to both of you. I think you guys should also note my sophisticated use of photoshop in concealing that gigantic blemish on the page. I swear, one day I will use photoshop the RIGHT way.