Friday, March 2, 2012


So, I found these drawings from my sophomore year of high school and, surprisingly, I love them! I didn't realize how much fun I had in high school until I found these. I drew myself in different outfits that I had worn at significant events during my sophomore year, such as cross country/track meets, church, my brother's welcome-home party, etc. I wish I had done this every year. These pictures are more effective for me than pages and pages of  journal entries--they bring back more memories than any words I could have thought to write, and I think that's why I love drawing so much. It's funny how much I managed to record about myself during that year just by copying down my outfits and hairstyles...and I can't believe I thought getting new pajama pants was worthy of an illustration...and that I wore them with a broad-striped shirt.

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  1. These are sooo cool. I wished I had saved some of my highschool drawings.